Cosmetic Acupuncture

Wabi Sabi describes beauty as the expression that lies between the transition between the coming and going of life. It is based in Zen Buddhism and seeks beauty in the imperfection of flaws and irregularities of daily life.  Beauty is humble, subtle, profound and is rooted in the flow of nature.  It is the quintessential Japanese aesthetic.  Wabi Sabi deals with the concept that nothing is permanent, nothing is complete, nothing is perfect.  Originally the words were used separately; wabi pertaining to the perfection of simplicity and sabi referring to carrying one’s life with dignity and grace.

These concepts are not the norm in our Western culture. It seems that beauty is often defined not only by youth but by sameness and symmetry.  We tend not to be taught to honor the beauty of a sense of well-being, of a healthy glow or a kind and open heart.  What I find particularly rewarding about cosmetic acupuncture are the non-visual effects.  Yes, it can roll back the clock but it also has a wonderful knack to manifest healthy side effects and an increased sense of well-being.

Along these lines, skin care that supports these changes become part of the protocols.  Wabi Sabi skin care is a clean, toxin free line that enhances the effects of the of cosmetic acupuncture protocols as well as add longevity to the results.

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