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The many wonders of vitamin C

Did you know that most mammals can make their own vitamin C?  There are a few exceptions and, you guessed it, humans are one of them.  Long touted for preventing colds, Vitamin C has many other important functions.  It bolsters the immune system, helps improve skin tone, helps with cognitive function, supports the cardiovascular system, healthy vision and has been reported to reduce cancer risk.

Looking at Vitamin C from a Traditional Chinese Medicine perspective it has many symptoms indicating there is a Vitamin C deficiency that are similar to  Spleen deficiency signs.  Bruising easily, taking a long to heal from bruising and sagging skin are signs of Vitamin C deficiency.  In Chinese medicine the Spleen energy correlates to digestive energy.  Spleen deficiency symptoms also show up as bruising easily, prolonged healing times, sagging skin, brain fog and poor muscle tone.  The Spleen’s function in Traditional Chinese Medicine is to hold things up and in place.  So, by improving collagen, cognitive function and strengthening the integrity of the blood vessels, Vitamin C appears to support Spleen energy.

A normal diet would be hard pressed to supply more than 500 mg. daily.  Vitamin C is safe to take but you should NEVER add a supplement to your dietary intake without consulting a professional.

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